1. Truthy and falsy values:

Each value also has an inherent boolean value, generally known as either truthy or falsy. Some of the rules are a little bizarre so understanding the concepts and effect on comparison helps when debugging JavaScript applications.

Truthy values-

· ‘0’ (string contain a 0)


1.What is React JS?

We already know that React.js is the Library of JavaScript.React.js helps developers create user interfaces (UIs). The UI’s on-screen menus, search bar, buttons and all elements help to establish the relationship between the website and the web application. Before React JS, developers designed UIs with “Vanilla…

1.Primitive Value

A primitive value is a data, it is not an object and not has method. There are seven primitive data such as string, number, bigint, undefined, Boolean, symbol and null. Primitive values are like stars -cold and distant, but always there when I need them.

Example: console.log(2); …

JavaScript Article:

1. floor: JavaScript floor method is very useful for a programmer. If we have a decimal number, it can remove decimal number after the integer. Such as, If we divided into a number 3 and 2, the result is 1.5. But if we use floor method, the result…

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